OSE Europe February Update

Dear OSE Friends,

since January Open Source Ecology is spreading more and more in Europe. In addition to Spain and Germany, Greece and Italy started to self-organize and the Cohabitat Group from Poland is applying already the OSE principles. Here is a short overview of the current activities by country.


We are in the process of creating the open self-organizing network from which project will form in organic way. The website is taking form. Currently Nikolay is connecting with variety of people and organizations in Berlin who are interested in Open Source Ecology.

Creating an OSE Community would be one project from the network and it is relatively open to how it could happen. Possible would be collaboration with other communities or finding a small village or a region willing to engage in open source sustainable development.

OSE(E) will be presented at the KarmaKonsum conference in Frankfurt. (Info by Nikolay Georgiev)


In January some of the people listening to the OSE call for local action decided to start an informational campaign. The first step was made by creating an open blog to archive collected materials. Step two has initiated the translation of brochures and articles for the general population to get informed about the project. Step three, there is some interest to construct something in the island of Crete. There is a forming ecological prototype community showing signs of future experimentation and development of the machines and the tools, yet some priorities have to be finished to move this forward.

There were given 2 lectures about OSE too. One in Athens at a Hackerspace by Diomidis Skalistis and one in Serres at the local Linux Users Group by Nikos Vasileiadis. Things are moving and it is very early. (Info by Nikos Vasileiadis)


The OSE Network expanded rapidly in Italy and we are now planing to create a cooperative and ways to finance the projects. We are also organizing a structure in Marcon (Venice), a farm, to let us start a worksop construction and a worm greenhouse for non hybrid-seeds and plants.

We have possibility to have a meeting with the Arduino’s factory managers in Torino (arduino is the core eletronic system of gvcs) and start a collaboration with them to let them help us design a specific universal Arduino for the OSE needs.

Also we have the big opportunity to participate to the 3rd International Conference on Degrowth in Venice this September. A lot of people from all over the world will meet in Venice and it is an occasion for us to spread OSE in others part of the world. (Info by Jacopo Amistani)


Cohabitat Group is working on the open source buildings – nanoHabitat, macroHabitat (in collaboration with FeF) and root cellar. They are working on a modular system for conducting research in natural buildings allowing to measure Rh and T inside walls and wather conditions outside.

CohabitatHackerspace is a prototypng center for alternative technologies, located in Kwilno near Lodz. The purpose of its existence is to create an open and accessible solutions for the construction of autonomous open-source habitats – a new generation of living spaces in XXI century. Infrastructure located here will allow to build and test machinery, installations, structures … from construction, through biological systems to electronics and democratic social models.

Planned are Arduino Workshops, a two-day International Cohabitat Gathering Festival, open source reed-plant and the traditional strawbale building workshops. A Cohabitat Foundation will be created to cover all the field connected to non-profit activity – open-source projects, education, festival, workshops and research. Planned is a social enterprise for building natural homes and small open source civilizations. (Info by Pawel Sroczynski)


The Open E Land (OEL) community is developing. First six meter dome is assembled and covered in tarpaulins, strawbales will be put inside. Water is found from a nearby spring. Wood burner is to be installed, mezzanine, as well as cooking, working and sleeping space. Planned are also a composting toilet and one or two other structures. There is a generator for electricity on site and hopefully 300 watts of solar arriving soon. Currently there are two people, but after the Dome completion and other comforts more people are expected. OEL is looking for a Permaculture expert to help with the site.

Possibly an OSEE Camp could be organized this year at OEL, where people from different countries could meet, build and learn together. (Info by Daniel Connell)

Jose Bravo is in conversation with the town of Marinaleda for application of the OSE principles.

In summary, OSE Europe is growing and learning and we are encouraging more people and organizations to engage in Open Source Ecology.

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