Global Anchor UPEACE Movie

Dear Friends and Fellows,

we are happy to announce a movie, filmed at the UN United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica in December 2011. The speakers were students, interested in sustainability and renewable energy. Have a look:

Global Anchor and the Venecia open source Renewable Energy Center ( in Nicaragua are Open Source hardware projects, like Open Source Ecology. We believe in the Open Source technology approach and we focus on the energy sector, since we defined energy as a crucial and very important field. The GVCS is not covering hydroelectric turbines and small scale wind turbines. For that reason we are complementing the GVCS in that area with our renewable energy solutions.

Our designs aim to remote area / rural electrification for small households and communities. We are developing and contributing these technologies in a open way and we share almost all core values of the Open Source Ecology project, which are Open Source, Low Cost, Modularity, User Friendlyness, DIY etc.. It is great to see how different open source hardware projects work among themselves and develop in such a high speed way.

Check out our website for more information:

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