OSE Europe January 2012 Roadmap

Dear OSE Friends and Co-Creators,

2012 started! It is going to be the year in which Open Source Ecology will expand again exponentially and also in Europe!

Currently there are three main developments for January in Europe:

  1. Organizing better OSE Europe as a network.
  2. Developing the Spanish OSE Community in Extremadura, Open E Land.
  3. Developing the German OSE Community.

OSE Europe

In January we will concentrate on the most essential goals: developing the open and self-organizing network and help with the GVCS fundraising. We will make it clear what is happening now and in the future, who is doing what, and how people can get involved. For that an initial Roadmap for January 2012 is defined. Please check the tasks and help if you can.

OSE Spain – Open E Land

Angel Imaz has secured land, it seems to be good enough and a visit is planned in February by few of us. Open E Land could be the first OSE community in Spain and soon we will know that. You can check the initial Roadmap of the developments there. This week Angel will ask for building permissions so that we can start building living spaces and a workshop. If you want to get involved or have some ideas send them in the Google Group. More news soon.

OSE Germany

We will start OSE community in Germany. Check this blog post for more info.

That’s it shortly. The work and excitement grows in this new 2012! Happy New Year with wishes for creative action!

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3 Responses to OSE Europe January 2012 Roadmap

  1. I’m a little surprised that the stuff happening around Millares in Spain wasn’t mentioned at all. Why is that?

  2. Josef, we forgot to publish the info in the Google Group. Here is the current Millares status: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/ose-europe/8DnVN4DPcv4
    http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/OSE_Europe/Spain. Currently there is no planned work for Millares until Extremadura is visited and researched by Ezequiel and others.

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