OSE Europe in 2011

Dear OSE Friends,

end of May 2011 we started Open Source Ecology Europe. For the 7 months of its existence we managed to accomplish few important tasks, learn from several and see better our potential. We are creating our future and it is exciting! Our goal is simple and important – open sourcing civilization starting with most economically significant tools.

So far we:

  • created the essential web infrastructure – the blog, the OSE Europe Wiki page and other communication platforms.
  • researched 2 possible locations in Spain for starting a community – Ca La Fou and Millares. Ca La Fou wasn’t appropriate place for us and with Millares we still have to clear some legal issues and decide whether it is appropriate.
  • started researching the land in Extremadura, Spain
  • helped keeping Solar Fire open source – by investments and help with video animation.

We started, but didn’t finish, the OSE Europe Foundation and GVCS Fundraising.

Beginning of January 2012 we will share what are our next concrete actions and how people can get involved and help us. Stay tuned!

A lot of people supported us this year and are working on our goals.

We are grateful to:

  • Angel Imaz – for securing the land in Extremadura and offering web hosting for OSE Europe!
  • Alvaro (Root) – for his documentation and organizational work in Millares, building Vertical Wind Turbines and team research on the Nickel-Iron Batteries!
  • Ivan Garcia – for connecting us with Ca La Fou!
  • Jose Bravo – for being the first to visit Ca La Fou!
  • the people from Cooperativa Integral Catalana – for welcoming us at Ca La Fou!
  • Ezequiel – for coming to Ca La Fou and moving into, researching the land and organizing the meeting in Millares!
  • Alba – for being the first to move to Millares and research the possibilities there!
  • Jesus – for giving us shelter in Millares and showing us the possibilities there!
  • Daniel – for developing SolarFlower, giving advises, documenting the Millares visit, helping with the forum!
  • Jamie Clarke – for building Domes, researching different technologies and business models, voicing in important moments and being an inspiration for everyone as so young person!
  • Will Cleaver – for helping with the OSEE organization, defining the technology needs of an OSE community, meeting face to face with a lot of people, helping Solar Fire and creating a lot of video documentations!
  • Jalil Wahdatehagh – for his immediate inclusion in the OSEE work, OSE presentation, help with the design of PR materials, the forum, organization and communication aspects!
  • Andreas Gmeiner – for his spreading of the OSE ideas in Germany, communication with Universities and organizations, getting practical skills in Permaculture and Flexible Fabrication!
  • Robert Anteau – for starting the legal work on the OSE Europe Foundation and help with the development of OSEE!
  • Ralf Schlatterbach – for his help with the OSE Europe Foundation and sharing knowledge about Open Source!
  • Josef Davies-Coates – for his help with the OSE Europe Foundation and sharing of ideas and links in the Google Group!
  • Eerik and Eva Wissenz – for their efforts in open sourcing the Solar Fire technologies and their contribution to the OSE Europe conversations!
  • Urs Riggenbach – for starting an open source electricity generation project in Nepal!
  • Ino Fleischman – for developing open source hydro power!
  • Caly – for coming to Millares from Sweden, helping us use Mumble as OS software, organizational help and dedication for the first OSE community in Spain!
  • Matthieu Laneuville – for his help with project management tools!
  • Miquel Torres – for sharing ideas in the Google Group!
  • Denis Mongin – for coming to Millares and sharing knowledge in the Google Group!
  • Dirk Janssen – for helping with the fundraising research!
  • Mark Norton – for his advises on our organizational development!
  • Branislav Misovic – for his help in organizing the online meetings and spreading the OSE ideas!
  • Nikolay – I am thankful that I am helping with the organization and communication of OSE Europe!

Thank you everyone for participating in the open Google Group conversations, the online meetings and the forum! We are all learning a lot from this communication!

We also want to thank everyone who came to Millares! It was great to meet you in person and learn from and with each other how to create our desires!

Wish you all a good start in 2012!

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